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We inaugurated our company in the year 1981 with the illusion of offering high-level fashion and with the knowledge of several years of experience in the sector. At BARRYS and ZACHARI we guarantee excellent advice and friendly treatment.

We work to make our customers look better with garments and accessories designed for fashion lovers for men and women. We have clothing and accessories. In addition, we offer exclusive collections of leading national firms e international.

At BARRYS and ZACHARI we have facilities and staff willing to meet the requests of those who decide to trust us.


In our stores we are known for making a selection of exclusive garments, following fashion standards.

We are dedicated to the world of fashion, where we work with the latest trends and designs created with great exclusivity.


In BARRYS y ZACHARI we make an impeccable selection of fashion garments and accessories s for men and women, which makes us earn everyone's trust those who visit us.

Our excellent service makes us one of the most recognized businesses in the sector.

Visit us, we are in Palma de Mallorca.

About us

Since 1981 with fashion in Mallorca

Variety of products

We offer a wide selection of clothing products to meet the needs and styles of our customers.

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Quality of the products

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products that last and maintain their appearance over time.

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Customer service

We offer exceptional customer service through multiple channels, including email, live chat, and phone.

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Product availability

We offer the ability to find and purchase the company's products with ease and convenience

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Return policy

We offer a clear and fair returns policy to give our customers peace of mind.

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We care about the environment and strive to take steps to reduce our environmental impact.

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Our values

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